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Child-friendly houses


We thoght a great thing for the children! Such houses where we create in big territory by thematic equipments and furnitures a private playing house. What would it be to sleep in a pirate ship or to swing on the bambus of jungle? Let's try it!

 Baby and child-friendly vacation park 

To be a baby and child-friendly vacation park it is very important for us to ensure entertainments for children and relaxing for the parents. For our smallest guests (0-2,99 years old) we created the baby-friendly houses in both Comfort and Aqua Plus villas in some of Comfort houses the child-friendly houses for the 3-12 years old children to play and play.

35m2 playing room is the venue, the capacity is still for 4 persons like before (1 bunk bed for 2 persons, 1 single bed, 1 pull-out bed from under the single bed, which is dimensioned for adults). The floor is soft foam, painting is made from healty painting materials, the place for store clothes are hidden under the beds and in the pirate cupboard in order to have big playing territory.


Jungle child-friendly house

Swings, hammock, hanging chair, climbers, creepers ropes, logs,

the wall is considered to be residents of us in the jungle!

Play, have fun in the jungle!





Pirate child-friendly house

To sleep in a pirate ship, to play in the crow's nest, to sit in the big steering wheel!

And of course the no miss the guns and the treasure nest!

All of these are for our Small Guests to feel themself comfortable which is important for Mom and Dad.



 Child-friendly house what you can find only in the Villapark!




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