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General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions of Villapark Várgesztes (further to be referred to as GTC-VV) define the rules of usage of services of Villapark Várgesztes.

1. Services

Villapark Várgesztes provides lodging and other services to the guest in ac-cordance with the confirmation. The service fee covers all fees connected to the use of the house and its equipment, including one set of bed linen and towels for each guest, as well as utility fees and all the pre-ordered services like half-board. Delivered from the nature of the Villapark and its services, the Villapark does not provide daily cleaning services, change of bed linen or towels. Extra cleaning services and changes of bed linen can be ordered at the reception for a surcharge. The service fee entitles the guest to use the basic services of the Villapark – indoor and outdoor swimming pools, slides, playgrounds, open sport fields – free of charge during his stay in the opening hours. Exclusive usage of sport fields or other social areas can be arranged and ordered for a surcharge depending on the occupancy and availability. The apartment building and the surrounding garden is put at exclusive use of the guest during his/her stay. The employees of the Villapark are entitled to enter an apartment and its garden for maintenance, cleaning or checking purposes even when the guest is absent.

2. Reservation process and the terms of payment

The reservation may be done by providing credit card guarantee or by an advance payment via bank transfer in the predefined due date. Without providing credit card guarantee, the confirmation will be sent to the guest’s e-mail address and the reservation will be finalized only upon the receipt of the advance payment to the bank account of the Villapark. In case of book-ing arrangements for a reduced price, the arrangement cannot be divided and discount applies for the defined numbers, periods and contents only. The Villapark charges additional Tourist Tax in accordance with the effective regulations of the municipality on top of the service fee. For information on programs organized by the Villapark please check the program offers or ask at the reception. The fee for used additional services is payable on spot. For the current price list please visit or and chose the appropriate language indicated by flags or ask at the reception. In case of any discrepancy the prices displayed at the Reception are prevailing.

3. Modification or cancellation of a reservation

In the event of a cancellation of an already booked accommodation, client shall pay a percentage of the rent and other services to the operator. The date of receipt by e-mail, post or fax of the written communication regarding the cancellation shall determine the percentage:

• for a cancellation which occurs within 7 days after the booking is made, no cancellation fee will be charged

• for a cancellation which occurs after 7 days until the 42th day before arrival 30% cancellation fee would be charged.

• In case of cancellation within 42 days prior to arrival 100% cancellation fee would be charged

• at Last Minute Deals and Offers Best Deal are the conditions that the amount paid in advance is not paid back and that 100% of cancellation fees.

Guests may cancel or modify the booking in a written form by e-mail or fax, referring to the booking number. In case of “No show” the Villapark has the right to make the room available for other guests on the next day after the confirmed date of arrival. Checking-in later and/or checking-out earlier than booked and confirmed does not entitle the guest for any fee refunding. The Villapark is entitled to cancel the reservation in written form in case the villa is not fit for proper use due to unavoidable external circumstances and the Villapark is not able to offer another apartment of same category. According to the decision of the Customer the Villapark will either refund the full down-payment received or settle it with the service fee of a lower category apartment.

4. Check-in and heck-out

The accommodation in the high season can be occupied from 4 PM on the day of arrival until 10 AM on the date of departure. Upon arrival guests are obliged to check-in at the reception. Guests may indicate eventual short-comings found in the apartment within 1 hour from the check-in at the re-ception in written form, which will be handled properly by the Villapark.

 5. The liability of the Villapark

The Villapark warrants that all facilities and equipments are fit for proper use and comply with applicable laws and governmental regulations. Villa-park does not have any financial or other responsibilities for the items left in the apartment houses. Villapark doesn’t accept any liability for damages due to improper use. Villapark is not responsible for utility supply omissions at-tributable to third parties or force majeure. Villapark is entitled to temporar-ily limit the usage of pools and other sports facilities, if extraordinary clean-ing or maintenance activities shall take place without establishing a right for compensation.


Guests may park 2 cars at the apartment houses. Parking is permitted only in the building’s garage, on the drive way (in front of the garage), or on des-ignated parking lots. The cars must not be parked on the road, or on the lawn! Guests are liable for damages in the vegetation. Villapark allows en-trance for the registered and authorized vehicles only. In order to assure a peaceful environment, the guests are kindly asked to use their cars only when entering or leaving the park (not for “in-house” travelling). Guests are also required to minimize their vehicle’s noise burden. The keys and drive-in permits taken over by the guests upon arrival must be returned at check-out. The Highway Code standards are valid throughout the park with the fol-lowing differences: the pedestrians at Villapark area always have priority, and the speed limit is 5 km/h!

7. Guests’ responsibility, park rules

In order to assure the tranquility and keep a peaceful environment within the park the guests are kindly asked to minimize the loud, annoying noise (such as TV noises, loud music etc.) on the whole area of the Villapark in-cluding the terrace as well as inside the houses after 10 PM. In the social ar-eas and their close vicinity loud and unusual activity (such as quad biking, paintball, etc), are allowed only with a prior written permission of the Villa-park. The Villapark’s security service has the right to check the traffic (pe-destrian and car) at the entrance and on the whole area of the Villapark and control the identity, make random test on packs and vehicles, when appro-priate. In particular cases, the security service has the right to deny entrance to the park or the leave from the park and if necessary, it contacts the po-lice, and when appropriate it has the legal framework to limit personal free-dom. Villapark must be notified in advance in all cases when guests arrive with pets. Please provide valid vaccination card if it is possible. Pets may be brought in for a surcharge. In Aqua Plus villas pets are not allowed to enter or stay inside the indoor pool area and guests must pay a caution. In baby-friendly houses pets are not allowed. No trespassing is allowed on other villa’s territory. There are several waste collection points around the park for recyclable materials, other than these everything must be dropped off in the houses’ dust bin. It is not allowed to move furniture or other equipments off the apartments without the permission of the Villapark. Guests are using the facilities and all equipments at their own risks. Smoking is prohibited in the pools or in their closed vicinity as well as in the whole Main Building. Chil-dren in the pool area must be permanently supervised by adults. Pets are not allowed in the pool area. The guests are required to comply with the policy of the leisure pool, sauna and outdoor swimming pools. In case of fire, the reception shall be notified immediately! Guests are jointly and sev-erally liable for damages in the apartments and in the social areas of the Vil-lapark used commonly. The guests may operate fireworks or other hazard-ous activities subject to licensing only with the prior written consent of Vil-lapark and after obtaining all approvals required by law.

8. Miscellaneous

In issues not regulated in this GTC-VV, the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code and other relevant provisions of the legislation in force shall prevail. In case of dispute, the parties shall endeavor to agree. If there is any legal dispute arising between the Parties, they conclude the exclusive competence of the City court of Tatabánya and the Higher Court of Komárom-Esztergom county.

The guest accepts the contents of the above GTC-VV and acknowledges that the GTC-VV also applies for the others who are with Him/Her and will inform them on the content. No claims will be accepted arising due to the omission of this obligation.

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