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In Villapark Várgesztes our animators give their best on the special weekends, and during the whole high season, so everybody can find suitabe activity. Our guests gets the actual animation program during check-in, so they will know, where and when can they participate on vaious programs in the Villapark.

During Summertime
During summertime we make Aquafitness daily, so you can keep your form! Our animators shows, and says the exercises, so you just have to follow the instructions, and enjoy this little motion. aqua fitness 06
Waterslide adventures

During Summertime, with supervisory

The waterslides are the favourites of the brave ones. But we provide other actions for the advenurous types, where they can compare their knowledge and dextery with others. Of course, under the watching eye of our animators.
Creative workshop

During Summertime, and on special weekends

When the weather is a bit cloudy, or after some hard workout, when it's good to rest a little, the creative workshop is the right choice. Even You can bring home the hand made creations a nice memory.
Waterpolo championship

During Summertime, under supervision

In waterpolo, Hungary is among the best! If you want to show, you are there too, or just want to lear the bacsics this is your chance! Just two waterpolo goal needed into the outside swimmingpool, and our animators start the match between the two teams!
swimming pool, waterpolo, accomodation
Different skill competitions

During Summertime, under supervision

If you want to proove yourself in several different skill competions, choose this! The unknown teammates will be friends at the end of the cometiton.

During Summertime, and on special weekends

In the gym you can show your determination. This sport will test your abilities! At the end of the matches there are just winners.
Soccer competition

During Summer, and special weekends, or independently

And where are the soccer fields? We do not forget the most popular sport neither. Our animators are the referees, and in the Villapark there are one sandy and one grassy football pitch. 0 32
Volleybal and Badminton

During Summer, and special weekends, or independently

The sandy volleyball pitch brings a little sand beach style into the Villapark. Maybe you don't even belive how difficult, and exciting in the same time to play on this field. After some tight matches, our swimming pools washes away the tiredness.
Table tennis

In the gym independently, all year

Inside, or outside on the fresh air. Playing near the outside swimmingpool show your skill to others!

During Summertime, and on special weekends, under supervision

Followers of Robin Hood can tighten their bows just for fun, or in a friendly competition under the watching eyes of our animators. The equipment and the color targets also available for the young and old.

animacio 02
Swimming pool adventures

During summer, under supervision

Depending of the actual weather, in the outside swimming pool, or in the leisure pools inside several different competition waiting the young ones in summertime.
Bambino disco

During Summertime, and on special weekends, under supervision

Make a party in the night is not just for adults. The small ones can close the wearing day with a little dance in the Bambino Disco. Our animators guarantee the good mood.
Riding horse, travelling by coach

Individually, appointment requred

The Síkvölgy Riding hall is in partnership with Villapark to provide riding programs for Villapark’s Guests. For beginners to try out the horse riding and for the experienced riders to enjoy the riding during the vacation as well. The riding hall is just 12 minutes from the Villapark by car and you can make your reservation previously on the reception like lunge lesson, field riding, riding with picnic or excursion on coach.
Horse cart

Individually, appointment requred

Horse carting with Uncle Miska is an unforgettable experience! Appointment can be made on the reception. During the winter, horse sledge can be rented, and for children sleds available in limited  numbers.

A szabadidős programhoz sporteszközök a Recepción illetve az étteremben kölcsönözhetők.


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