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Hiking paths around our park

Starting from our park there is a beautiful walking path that goes to the fishing Lake of Vargesztes (distance about 1500 meters). From there you can turn left and hike up to the ridge of the Vertesmountain. If you walk down the same path, then you will automatically end up at the fishing Lake. Always take your phone so in cqse of an emergency or getting lost you can always conatct the authorities or the Park (program the reception’s telephone number into your phone).

Castle of Gesztes– in Várgesztes (walking distance 2 km)

The 14th-century castle of Gesztes is just 2 kilometres away from Villapark Vargesztes, 376 metres high on the top of a hill. It is located next to the ' Borth-Vertes Nature Conservation Area ' and is surrounded by dense forests. The first written sources date from the 13th century. Castle of Gesztes is a fun excursion for people who like history, romance, peace, quiet and the beauty of the nature. The walk up starts at the end of the village Vargesztes. A wide and well accessible path leads up to the Castle. You can park your car at the end of the main street of Vargesztes in a parking lot and from there you can walk through the beautiful forest.

The village Vérteskozma (walking distance 7 km)

Vérteskozma is a fun, peaceful village in the heart of Vertes. It is located approximately 7 km away from Villapark Vargesztes. The village consists only of one street. At the end of that street you end up on top of a hill which has stunning views.

The national blue hiking route in the Vértes forest

The national blue hiking route is part of the Hungarian section of the E4 European long distance hiking route. The route begins on top of the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian border and then runs right through Hungary. The route ends in the village of Hollóháza 1128 km later at the Hungarian-Slovakian border. This route also passes the Vértes forest, which is adjacent to Villapark Vargesztes. At the reception you can get brossure of the walking tours that fits this hiking route. It is very well worth walking here. The environment is safe and during your walk, you get magnificent views on the meadow areas.