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Majk (EN)

 Majk and Majk-puszta is around 15 km away from Villapark Vargesztes. Here you can find the beautiful Kamalduli Hermitage, a particular monastery. Count Joseph Eszterházy gave the dominion over the hermitage to the Kamaldul order in 1727 in Majk. The Hermitage was built with the help of several patrons. The nice thing about Majk is that you can come by car, but also by bike. It is only an hour long cycling through a well maintained country road which starts directly from the Villapark (across the street from the main road). Though over the first kilometre of the bike ride you need to watch out for loose sand, but that just makes the trip more adventurous! And the last part of the road is paved. Request a map at the reception so you will find the paved road easily without getting lost. The monastery can be entered and once you are in you will see why is it so special. There are guided tours of the monastery of Majk, sometimes also in German or English.