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The nature around Villapark Vargesztes

"The impressions are unique to German terms. We just got back from the centuries-old bathhouse in the city of Budapest and still have to drive 5 minutes to our holiday Vargesztes. The sun has just gone down the horizon. For the second time we have the car throttle so as not to run over a herd of wild staring us with big curious eyes then dart quickly disappear into the surrounding forest."

The surrounding countryside consists mainly of the Vertes Mountains, which has an area of about 15,000 ha. The holiday park Vargesztes located directly at the feet of these mountains. The highest peak of the mountain only 487m high and so making the area easily accessible. The three most important mountains are the Nagy Csákány (487 m), the Körtvélyes (480 m) and the Csóka mountain (479 m). Freely accessible and well signed walking routes take you directly from the holiday park through this charming mountain range.

In case you want the area to explore by bike - which is of course also possible. The mountain bikes are available at the park for you!

In this attractive natural area live many animal species, including deer, wild boar and hundreds of bird species. Foxes hunt using their sharp eyes small animals such as rabbits and hares. Sheep and cattle grazing in the green -covered pastures. The plant world is very special in Hungary : from the 77 different varieties of plants are only 4 of which vorkomme only in this mountain range. In addition, there are 14 plants that you can find only in Hungary and which are perceived only in this area. Centuries-old oaks and the same old book continue to determine this mountainous area. These are witnesses to a centuries-old history. The ancestors of modern Hungarians have here in this area, under the same tree crowns, hunted. During the autumn months, the leaves turn from yellow to deep red. No wonder that one speaks of the Hungarian 'Indian Summer'.

In the holiday Vargesztes there is a starting point from which several hiking trails lead through the Vertes Mountains. The national blue trail is very well known among connoisseurs. Other much hiked trails lead to the Gesztes castle and through the village Vargesztes ( distance approx 2km) or in the village Vérteskozma (distance: 7 km).
We wish now a lot of fun hiking and biking!