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Tata (EN)

About 25 km from Villapark Vargesztes you will find a town called Tata. It is located in a green and hilly environment and is built around two lakes: large Öreg-tó (the Old Lake) and the Cseke-tó (Cseke Lake), with the English Graden, an English-style landscaped park. For this reason Tata is called “the city of waters”, obviously because of the mentioned beautiful lakes, spring waters and streams. If you park your car in the Centre of Tata, then you can have a nice walk along the “Old Lake”. Or if you prefer not to walk then you can use an electric train that runs around the Lake. The view is fabolous. Along the Lake you can find many restaurants. In and around Tata you can visit some attractions such as Esterházy Castle, that owes its name to the Estherházy family, who controlled Tata and its surroundings from 1727. Another point of interest in Tata is the Capucinus church and monastery. The building was funded by the local Patron Saint Count József Esterházy, who also founded the monastic order in Tata.