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Tatabánya (EN)

TTatabánya is about 20 km from the Villapark Vargesztes. There are several sights to visit in Tatabánya. One of these attractions is the Szelim-cave, located on the hill Kő-hill. This cave is 45 meters long and 14 meters high. The cave of limestone was eroded by a water flow. Remains of the Neolithic man can be found and the cave is one of the most famous settlement/hunter’s camp that can be found in Hungary dating from the stone age.

Another nearby point of interest is the Turul monument. Turul is the bird in the myth about the origin of the Hungarians and therefore, a symbol of Hungary. The monument of the Turul is the largest bird-sculpture in Europe.

There is a well-known museum in Tatabánya called the Open Air Mine Museum. The museum was opened in 1988 and it is the first open air museum which is located in its original environment in Hungary. The museum presents the authentic way of life of the miners.